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Why Does The Lotus Tattoo Make a Powerful Statement?

Tattoos are a good means to express your personality and individuality. As a matter of fact, every tattoo design has its own meaning and symbolism that is a representation of you. Thus, you simply have to choose among the available tattoo designs that you encounter. One great choice for tattoo design is different kinds of flowers. Many people choose floral tattoos. One type of floral tattoo that is very popular is a lotus tattoo. This is because the lotus flower holds some strong, unique, and deep meanings.

The meanings behind a lotus flower are directly related to how the lotus flower grows. When you think of what’s at the bottom of a body of still water, such as a pond, you’d be hard pressed to imagine anything pleasant. As a matter of fact, usually the first term you would associate with that type of water is “pond scum.” Yet, this is where the beautiful and majestic lotus flower gets it start.

The lotus flower begins growing at the bottom of still water. It begins as just a small bud attached to a vine. Gradually, the vine begins to climb towards the surface of the water. Remarkably, the bud continues to face downward even as the vine grows toward the surface and the sunlight. As it the bud gets closer to the surface, it finally turns to meet the sunlight. After the vine grows long enough and the bud is free of the water, it blossoms and blooms into a stunning flower.

There is a lot of powerful symbolism there. That something so beautiful could rise up and out of the slimy, muck. When it finally finds the sunshine and gets out of the muck and the slime, it blossoms into something very beautiful.

Some of the meanings of a lotus tattoo are below:

  • It represents a separated love and the nostalgia associated with it.
  • It sometimes symbolizes birth as well as the real beauty deep within.
  • It represents a new beginning in life.

Not only can a lotus flower tattoo represent something significant, they are also very beautiful to look at. If you can find a tattoo artist who can truly capture the essence and beauty of a lotus flower on your skin, you’ll have a beautiful work of art. Most lotus flower tattoos take advantage of the vibrant colors they have in true life.

Indeed, a lotus tattoo design is a great choice for you if you are planning to have a tattoo inked onto your skin. You can certainly flaunt your tattoo confidently anytime you want and anywhere you go with this type of tattoo. So, what are you waiting for, go grab your own tattoo with a lotus flower design now.

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