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What You Should Know About Koi Fish Tattoos

You’ve already made the first major decision when it comes to a tattoo. You’ve decided that you want to get one. Now that’s accomplished, your next major decision is to figure out what type of tattoo you would like to get. The types of tattoos you can get are only limited by your imagination and the talent of your tattoo artist. Koi fish tattoos are very popular, and one you may want to consider getting for yourself.

What exactly is a Koi fish? A Koi fish is a large fish. They are relatives to Carp. However, the orange and red Koi fish are often mistaken for large goldfish. The most common colors of Koi fish are: Red, orange, white, black and blue. Just like many other types of fish their environment dictates how big they get. If you give a Koi fish enough room they can reach sizes up to 3 feet long.

Koi fish are most treasured in Japan. The Japanese have had a great respect and love of Koi fish for thousands of years. They are bred and kept because they are such beautiful fish.

Koi fish tattoos not only look good, there is a lot of meaning behind having such a tattoo. When you get a tattoo it is always nice if you have a story or a meaning behind it. This way, when someone is admiring your work, you can explain the meaning or symbolism behind it to them. It’s a good conversation starter. What follows are the meanings behind Koi fish tattoos:

  • advancements, improvements, and ambitions
  • courage to surpass all the challenges of life
  • determination and endurance in critical situations
  • good luck in almost everything
  • independence and freedom
  • strength to withstand the test of time
  • strong character and identity

As mentioned, Koi fish come in many brilliant colors. They are very ornate looking too. If you have a talented tattoo artist who can capture the vibrant colors and the ornate look of the Koi fish onto your skin, you will have a beautiful work of art. However, be prepared to pay the price for such a work of art on your skin.

When a tattoo artist uses color ink, they are only allowed to use that ink on one person. This is because the needle has been in your skin gets your blood on it then goes into the ink. Whatever ink is left over must be disposed of for sanitary and health reasons. The colored inks are expensive.

While the tattoo artist does his best to not waste any ink, they usually do. If you want a Koi fish tattoo that utilizes a lot of color, you’ll be charged accordingly. However, Koi fish tattoos can be the most stunning works of skin art and worth every penny.

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