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The Tattoo Sleeve: Is It Right For You?

Tattoos when done by talented and skilled tattoo artist can be a great work of art. However, what makes a tattoo really outstanding is the fact that it is inked onto your skin. You can actually turn your own body into a work of art.

You can actually put tattoos on almost every part of your body. As a matter of fact, the placement of your tattoo really depends upon you. One form of tattoos which is gaining a lot of popularity is a tattoo sleeve.

What exactly is a tattoo sleeve?

A tattoo sleeve is a type of tattoo which covers a large portion of your body. The part of your body that the tattoo covers shows very little of your own skin. The entire area is covered with intricate patterns, objects, and designs.

As the name suggests, the tattoo sleeve is often found on arms. It is common that people who have sleeve tattoos have one of three types: Full sleeve (shoulder to wrist) half sleeve (wrist to elbow. Some call this quarter sleeve as well) quarter sleeve (shoulder to bicep.)

However, a sleeve tattoo isn’t limited to just the arms. You can also have a sleeve tattoo on your leg. What is important to note about a sleeve tattoo, is that it doesn’t just go on the top part of the skin. If it is a sleeve tattoo, it must wrap entirely around the arm or leg.

A tattoo sleeve design can be the most beautiful artwork that can be inked onto your skin. However, the search for the best design for sleeve tattoos can be somewhat difficult. While it can be time consuming to plan out a tattoo sleeve; it is very important. This is something that you shouldn’t rush. While a tattoo sleeve that has a wonderful design can be a work of art, one that isn’t well planned or executed can be a disaster.

If you’re considering getting a tattoo sleeve, you’ll also have to be prepared to pay the price. These types of tattoos are not cheap. The more intricate and the larger the tattoo the more you can expect to pay for the tattoo. In fact, a full sleeve tattoo can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Also, because of the nature of these types of tattoos, you won’t be able to get it done in one sitting. You will have to have multiple sessions to complete it. A full sleeve tattoo can take 20 hours or more to get done. Usually your tattoo artist will break up your sessions into 1 hour allotments. Therefore, for a full sleeve tattoo you can expect to have to sit in a tattoo chair for 20 hours or more until your work is done.

Making the commitment to get a sleeve tattoo is a big decision. It will take a lot of money and a lot of time in a tattoo chair to get it completed, especially if you want a full sleeve tattoo. Don’t ever rush into getting one. Make sure the design you want is carefully worked out and planned. If you have a skilled and talented tattoo artist, they will be able to help you with the planning of your tattoo sleeve.

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