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Are Wrist Tattoos Truly A Great Choice?

Tattoos are becoming widely popular and more socially accepted as time goes on. There are many skilled tattoo artists to get work done from. If you don’t know what kind of tattoo you would like, most tattoo parlors offer books full of art you can choose from or base your tattoo on. Not only do you have to decide what type of tattoo design that you would like to have, you also have to decide the location you would like to have the tattoo placed. Wrist tattoos are one possibility. In fact, wrist tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos.

However, if you’re considering going to a tattoo parlor and getting a tattoo on your wrist, you should keep the following in mind:

  • More Pain: You will likely experience pain no matter where you decide to get your tattoo inked. However, wrist tattoos tend to be more painful than other areas of the body. This is because your wrists have skin that is less thick than on other parts of your body. However, the good news is, wrist tattoos are smaller, so it won’t take as long to ink the wrist tattoo. Therefore, the pain can be more intense, but you won’t have to endure it for very long.
  • Longer Healing Process: Wrist tattoos also require a longer healing period. This is because your wrist is exposed more than other places on your body. Healing time for wrist tattoos can be for two or more weeks.
  • May Need More Touch Up Work: As mentioned above, your wrists are more exposed than any other part of your body. Your wrist tattoo will probably fade a lot faster because it does get more exposure. You probably will have to have touch up work done on your wrist tattoo sooner than you would if you chose a less exposed part of your body.
  • They Are Easy to Hide: One advantage to having a wrist tattoo is that they are usually pretty easy to hide. You can wear shirts that are long sleeved. You can hide it with a watch or a bracelet. If you have a professional job or plan on getting one, getting a wrist tattoo isn’t a bad option, so long as you remember you may have to hide it.
  • Cost is Reasonable: Because wrist tattoos are a lot smaller than tattoos put on other parts of the body, the cost is a lot lower. The larger and more color your tattoo is, the more you usually have to pay. Wrist tattoos are small and usually don’t have a lot of different colors. One or two colors are usually enough.

Getting a tattoo is a great way to express yourself. Knowing where you want to get a tattoo is just as important as what kind of tattoo you want. The location will dictate what size tattoo you will be able to have. Wrist tattoos are very popular and are worth looking into if you would like to get a smaller, more discrete type of tattoo.

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